Home Tuition at Albright



Our Home Tuition service is a limited provision aimed at students who have difficulty attending the centre or their mainstream school due to their physical or psychological condition.


  • To ensure that children in the home have access to education, including core aspects of the curriculum
  • To maintain links and liaise with the mainstream school
  • To monitor progress and facilitate a return to school when appropriate
  • To facilitate reintegration into a suitable education environment
  • To enhance the quality of life through learning
  • To work in partnership with the child’s carer and school
  • To support in post-16 transition

Referral Process

When a referral is made to the service, for a child out of school, the Leadership Team will consider the suitability of provision to be provided. The Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Home Tuition will arrange an initial meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to explain to the family, student, mainstream school and any outside agencies, how the Home Tuition service works and present the home tuition agreement.


All Pupils will receive English, Maths and a Pastoral session once a week under Home Tuition.

Home Tuition – Remote learning

Individual pupil’s circumstances are used to consider if Virtual Learning via Home Tuition is the appropriate provision. This decision is agreed by pupils, parent/carers, mainstream school and Albright and will be made after an initial meeting, where options for the referral and all possible provisions for the pupil to access education have been explored.

Home Tuition – in the home

All services offered to pupils are bespoke and as such it may be deemed that the best method of supporting a pupil is to deliver the home tuition in the home itself. A risk assessment is carried out on all pupils receiving home tuition. In certain cases it may be necessary for another person to be present in the room when teaching