Hospital Tuition

At Sandwell General Hospital we provide support and opportunities for all inpatients between the stages of Reception and Year 11.
Across the two children’s wards – Lyndon 1 and Lyndon Ground – we are available for sessions on every week day when patients are unable to access their home schools.
We have two members of teaching staff who are available to support patient’s learning through a flexible and holistic approach to each individual. We endeavor to provide work that supports the curriculum of home school for each patient, with a mindfulness of their health needs and ability to work whilst they are on the wards.
We often liaise with schools, especially when patients are longer term. We use these links and conversation with patients to establish how to progress and to determine the activities, which can be academic or support their health and well-being. We try to engage with parents and children to ensure the activities they complete will be engaging and beneficial.