Primary age:

A great website for primary school children. It has so much information and lists recommended books by age and key stage. It is a lovely website and very helpful.

Young Adult Fiction:

A fab website which is all things Manga, Comics and Anime.

Another richly curated website reviewing and recommending the mot up to date and popular young adult fiction.

An up to date website which helps you to find the best of what young adult fiction has to find.

‘The School Reading List’ website has been put together by a small group of English teachers, parents and librarians who meet to discuss which books work well with their children. The website is easy to navigate, kept up to date and the recommended reads are organized into ages.

For Parents:

The National Literacy Trust website again offers some very detailed information and guidance on good books for both primary and secondary readers to access. They recommend fiction, non-fiction, manga, comics, poetry and other choices.

‘Fantastic Books and Where To Find Them’ is a wonderful website which is a mixture of recommended reads; literacy ideas; engaging ideas of how to get your child learning and reading. It seems best suited for primary school children but is great for parents.

The UK Literacy Association website provide lots of information and recommended reads on books that have been judged by teachers. Book lists begin from as young as 3-6+ through to 11-14+, providing titles which are both fiction and non-fiction.

The charity ‘Shelter’ have begun a book club of their own. For a small donation each month, every six weeks you will be sent a brand new and up to date book. The stories that are chosen aim to explore culturally diverse experiences, lives and issues. They are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and you can become as involved as you wish.

Reading and supporting people’s lives: what could be better?