Home Tuition


Albright Education Centre provides education to Sandwell pupils who are unable to leave home because of ill health. Our tutors provide one-to-one teaching in the home, focusing on core subjects such as English or Maths or therapeutic subjects if this is more appropriate.

Mainstream school’s responsibility

To provide Albright Education Centre with relevant informaiton about the pupils – special educational needs, exam entries and coursework requirements.

Identify a key person for that pupil that will have communication with the centre regarding the pupil.

If appropriate set work in order for our staff to deliver.

Albright’s responsibility

Organise an initial meeting in order to introduce staff members and details of Albright Education Centre.  This can be virtual.

Communication with the teacher in charge to discuss any issues or concerns.

A timetable with days, times and teaching staff details will be issued.

If appropriate the teacher will organise and collect work set by mainstreams schools.

Your child may be set homework.

Organise relevant and timely reviews inviting parent, pupil, school representatives and any other agencies to discuss the pupils progress.

Parents responsibility

A parent / carer (who has legal responsibility for the child) MUST BE IN THE HOME during all of the lesson.

The adult must NOT leave the house during the lessons – if this happens then the lesson will stop.

Lessons will not take place if the child is not well enough to leave the bedroom or dress appropriately.

Provide a quiet place for the lessons – ensure all TV’s and radios are turned off for the duration of the lesson.

Ensure that the teacher and child has a smoke free environment – preferably with a desk.

Try to avoid having friends or relatives around during tuition times.

If you have any pets especially dogs, make sure they are in another room during the lesson.