Hospital Tuition

Sandwell Hospital

It is our aim to provide appropriate and relevant learning to patients whose education is interrupted whilst in hospital.

We work with patients who fall into different groups, some taking priority over others:

  • Patients on a one-off visit to hospital of more than three days: When school absence is minimal, patients may choose an activity – something they feel they need extra practice or help with. We tend to focus our resources on the core subject areas of Numeracy or Literacy or lessons will take a therapeutic focus. Patients may require some guidance or prefer to work independently, with feedback on completion.
  • KS4 patients during exam season
  • We are able to liaise with schools to provide school work of appropriate levels and topics.  A regular routine of schoolwork during their stay aids a smooth return to school. 

What is the Hospital Tuition Service?

Staff from the Albright Education Centre will attend the children’s ward on a daily basis, staff permitting.

They will have a brief meeting with the hospital staff on arrival to see who is available on the ward to have hospital tuition, based on age and health needs.

Staff will introduce themselves to parents and pupil and gain information about their individual academic need.

There will be a joint lesson objective determined, usually based on an area that the child struggles on.

Teaching staff will plan and deliver activities suitable for the need of the child.

The activities planned will be interactive and enjoyable to ensure the pupil engages in the learning.

What next?

  • The majority of the lessons will take place at the bed side
  • One to one teaching will be given to the child
  • Pupil and parent feedback will be asked for in order to continually improve the service
  • All feedback is gratefully received and acted upon in order for all children on the wards to experience the highest level of education care