Alternative Provision / Key Stage 2 / Post 16

Alternative Provision

An additional service of Albright Education Centre is our ‘Alternative Provision’ focus. Mainstream schools have the option of referring  

pupils for a short placement, usually around six weeks. This can allow pupils to have respite from their schools and can be an alternative      

to exclusion.  Pupils have access to a full academic and therapeutic curriculum, including weekly counselling sessions, helping children

learn to regulate their emotions and behaviour, with the view to returning successfully to a mainstream setting.

Alternative Provision Curriculum Flow Chart

Referral Flow Chart

Referral Form (WORD)

Referral Form (pdf)

Key Stage 2 Alternative Provision 

Albright Education Centre’s Key Stage 2 Alternative Provision offers short-term intervention placements for predominately Year 5 and 6 pupils struggling to access mainstream education due to anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of resilience, school refusal or social communication difficulties.

The KS2 Alternative Provision is delivered by the Primary Transition Coordinator, Mrs Oakshott-Marston, and a HLTA, Miss Smith.

The Primary Provision’s curriculum is flexible in being able to meet the varying needs of pupils, but retains the focus of the national curriculum.  Pupils will have the opportunity to engage with Forest School, Group Mentoring and Enrichment sessions. 

The Primary Provision works collaboratively with pupils, parents, schools and support agencies to achieve positive outcomes for each child.

The Primary Transition Coordinator is a qualified SENCO who can support mainstream schools to begin any potential diagnosis assessments and will provide a supported transition, with specific strategies, back to mainstream education. 


Key Stage 2 Curriculum Flow Chart

Referral Flow Chart

Referral Form (WORD)

Referral Form (pdf)

Post 16

We are aware that some pupils may not be ready at the end of their school period to transition to a college or alternative provision placement. 

From September 2021, we are pleased to offer limited places in our Post 16 provision based at our site at Great Bridge Library.  Pupils will have the  opportunity to further develop their independence skills in order to successfully complete a vocational qualification that will equip them in their future challenges for either college, apprenticeship or employment. 

Pupils will study a vocational subject in:

  • Level 2 Health and Social Care

Also available to pupils is GCSE Maths and English Language resits (if a pupil does not hold a Grade 4), mentoring programmes, pastoral guidance, enrichment sessions and work placements.

Albright Education Centre Post 16 Prospectus

Post 16 Curriculum Flowchart

Albright Education Centre Post 16 Application Form (WORD) 

Albright Education Centre Post 16 Application Form (pdf)

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